To become a member of the EC Virtual club, you need to stay in the ECCU known Geographic footprint and not have access to a club to qualify as an EC Virtual club member.  

TWO steps to follow: 


To apply, please Fill in the form below.  Once approved, you may go ahead with applying/renewing your CSA membership. 


To apply or renew your CSA membership, please note the following:

  • Existing members  – please buy a membership license : click on the following link   “Login” using your ID or CSA NUMBER and password (if no password, please click on “forgot password”, the portal will send details to the email address that is currently on your profile)

  • New members – To register, please click on the following link

  • Once you’ve made payment, EC Virtual Club will approve  your CSA membership license

    ECCU Virtual Club Application


    Only for paddlers not making use of a local EC Paddling Club
    IMPORTANT: All fields are mandatory

    MEMBERSHIP (Choose one) :

    I, the undersigned, do hereby state and agree that:
    1. I am aware of the potential dangers involved to which I will be exposed by participating in canoeing and associated activities;
    2. I am further aware that Canoeing South Africa and it’s affiliated Unions, and all subordinate bodies and officials as well as sponsors of events, in organising and permitting my participation in such activities and in establishing and enforcing safety measures in regards thereto, cannot ensure my safety and/or the adequacy of such measures.
    3. As such, I undertake to:
    (a) participate in all canoeing and associated activities at my own sole risk and responsibility;
    (b) exonerate all persons and bodies involved in the organisation and sponsorship of canoeing under the auspices of Canoeing South Africa and affiliated Unions from, and indemnify them against, any loss or damage which I or any others, including my dependents, may suffer as a result of any injury or death resulting from any act or omission on the part of such body or person, whether due to negligence (including gross negligence) or otherwise;
    (c) comply with all safety and other rules and regulations of Canoeing South Africa and all affiliated Unions and subordinate bodies;
    4. I undertake to wear a personal flotation device and other safety equipment that conforms to the requirements of Canoeing South Africa, as required by die CSA rules and regulations.
    5. I have received and had an opportunity to review the ICF Anti-Doping Rules.
    (a) I consent and agree to comply with and be bound by all of the provisions of the ICF Anti-Doping Rules, including but not limited to, all amendments to the Anti-Doping Rules and all International Standards incorporated in the Anti-Doping Rules
    (b) I acknowledge and agree that National Federations and the ICF have jurisdiction to impose sanctions as provided in the ICF Anti-Doping Rules
    (c) I also acknowledge and agree that any dispute arising out of a decision made pursuant to the ICF Anti-Doping Rules, after exhaustion of the process expressly provided for in the ICF Anti-Doping Rules, may be appealed exclusively as provided in Article 13 of the ICF Anti-Doping Rules to an appellate body for final and binding arbitration, which in the case of International-Level Athletes is the Court of Arbitration for Sport
    (d) I acknowledge and agree that the decisions of the arbitrarily appellate body referenced above shall be final and enforceable, and that I will not bring any claim, arbitration, lawsuit or litigation in any other court or tribunal
    6. I hereby consent to the use of my image in official broadcast media or promotional use by CSA, ant its affiliated Unions and Clubs.

    or the parent/guardian of the above mentioned person, choose to